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Whats your BPM?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Do you know whats your favourite sub genre in trance?

Are you a fan of Goa? Or is it a Full-On for you? Or maybe it is the Progressive?

Let's figoure it out...

What is a BPM?

BPM is Beat Per Minute which means how many beats (kick) there are in one minute of a track.

BPM is changing within the different music genres.

Roughly, mainstream music- what someone can find on MTV- has low BPM. EDM- electronic dance music- what someone can find in the Tomorrowland- has higher BPM (around 128). Trance- what you, my friend, can find in Boom/Ozora festivals- has even higher BPM 135-145).

There are a few sub-genres under the Trance music. Let's devide them by their BPM and coonnect them with leading artists in the scene. Please remember that splitting the trance genres by BPM is a very vulgar way to do that.

Each artist has his own style of rises, drops, sounds, and fingerprint. While both Ritmo and Vini Vici play the same BPM- the first keeps the uplifting tempo rythm, uses short vocals and clean drops (Try Your gate to freedom) while the other brings tribal sounds and a massive drums during rises and drops (Try Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix).

In addition, each artist has tracks in different BPMs. Ace ventura's original version of Stomping Ground is a 136 BPM track while his latest release of his own, Altern8 Patterns, is in 138 BPM.

And if we'll take Loud as a referrance it goes much wider: the collaboration with Ace Ventura, Our moment, is a progressive track in 138 BPM but their version to X-dream-Telegram is something between progressive and Psytrance in 140 BPM. Moreover, the famous Africa sounds very progressive but it runs on 144 BPM.

It is quite a shame to devide Trance only by BPM, but in order to help you understand whats your style- it might works pretty well.

So, There it is:

Progressive: 136: Captain Hook, Suntree, Rocky, Phaxe, Morten granau, Zyce, Talpa, Sphera, Coming Soon, Cosmic Flow

138: Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Astrix, Symbolic, Zen Mechanics, Vini Vici, Liquid Soul, Ticon, Freedom Fighters, Gaudium, E-clip, Off Limits, Ranji,

Full-On- Psy:

140: Loud, Darwish, Bouble, Outsiders


142: Bliss, Azax, Burn in noise, Tristan, Avalon, Altruism, Ajja, Upgrade, Rising Dust, Alpha Portal, Cosmosis


145+: Earthling, Filteria, New Born, Etnica, Juan Vardera, Talamasca, Cosma

I will stop here since I don't have a clue how to have fun from a faster music...

So, What's your BPM?


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