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The Face Behind: Interview with Ritmo

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In a new series of interviews I am working on, you'll get to know the faces behind the artists we are so love to listen to. I still remember the very first time I was in a party, hearing a set of the one and only, Dubi Dagan- A.K.A Ritmo.

It was back then in 2012 on a party called "Global Warming" in Israel. That party wasn't even in the nature under the sky but in an Hangar not far away from Tel Aviv. I wasn't even know what is Trance music but I do remember Ritmo playing his tremendous sounds and flowing rhythm, what made me realize I need to search and explore the Trance scene...

Disclaimer- I know Dubi in person...

As a big fan (maybe the biggest at a time) I made the famous signboard on the dance floor of the Ozora 2013- "Ritmo- we Follow U" in order to spread my cherish to his magnificent music!

-You may find it here easily-

Later on, in May 2014, my wife made me a surprise birthday party and brought Dubi to play. Fuck- that was a total madness! The guy who played for 20,000 people in the Ozora is playing to me and 60-70 friends?!

That day made us friends and also, made my birthday party a tradition where Ritmo is playing along with me and others every year.

And meeting the face behind Ritmo? That was even grater than listen to Ritmo since his so kind and accessible personality.

So... I'm giving the honor of the first interview on this series to Ritmo, Dubi Dagan- let's all meet him in person :)

Interview with Ritmo

Where did you grew up Dubi?

I grew up In North Israel in an area called Kraiot.

What are your Hobbies? surfing

Creating in the Studio - the fun part of being an Artist along with performing.

What is the origin of the name Ritmo? Ritmo is rhythm in Spanish. Back in 2005 I had a partner to the project and the name was picked out of a few options.

What music do you like to hear? Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, "Dark 80", Depeche Mode, Prodigy, rokysopp

What was your first acquaintance with the trance? At the age of 17, the year 1994, people came back from India with the music of the Goa trance of that times... It started to roll between "the guys" and they began to go to Trance parties. I was less in it and more into death metal but slowly, I began to listen to that music.

On a trip to USA in the ages of 21 I was exposed to underground parties often and went into madness. I liked to hear X-Dream back then...

Why did you choose to create trance music? Following the love of the scene, the natural place felt in Trance.

What motivates you, what is your inspiration when you create? No stories and secrets here...

I like to Follow a certain mood/vibe and try to get to the best sounds and breaks that will best suit to the same track.

What is the first track you ever created? "What is all about" - you wouldn't believe this is Ritmo :)

How much did it take you to produce it? How long does it take to produce Track today?

That track took a Six months but the time is change between track to track.

What was the first party you played? How did you felt? Around the age of 16-17, I was a publicist in a club called "Luna" (along with Kobi Toledano) and one night The Resident was sick and I got on the stage. From there it all started. I played Full-On on that party.

What did you do with the first money you earned?

If I remember right... The money saved for studies in communications / rental fees of my apartment.

What's the biggest embarrassment that happened to you as a DJ? Many years ago - 2011/2012 - I performed with Alon Brilant (Suntree) under the name of Ritree (they have a few amazing hits!) in a big party in Israel (Moksha production). The computer was faltering fail to play several times until we had to shut it down and turn it on again. After the turning on it failed again and then the producer dropped us off the stage after about half an hour overall.

I couldn't sleep for a while after this embarrassment...

What is your peak moment as a D.J?

Dubi mentioned two moments: 1. Ozora 2013 - my first set ever in the Ozora.

I admit that before that show my stomach turned upside down and there were many butterflies in it.

2. Atmospheres in Mexico

Dubi photo for Radiozora

What is your favorite Track above your tracks? Immediate moment & Adventures- in terms of production- these two are special to me as they at the Top level of sound! Who is the Trance artists you are most connected to nowadays? Vibrasphere, Freq

If you were a pop star, what star would you be?

Beri Saharof- An Israeli famous Rock Star. Infected Mushroom mixed songs of Beri Saharof so you can make a taste here

Message to audience: Connect to the music and not around

Thank you very much Dubi- I left everything behind a while ago and follow you since then :-)


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