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The Face Behind: Interview with DJ Darwish

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

David Abramov, A.K.A Dj Darwish, is probably the busiest Trance DJ in Israel, dominates the dance floors from north to south.

From private small parties, company events & weddings, through collaborations with the famous Israeli singer Marina Maxmilian Blumin, all the way to the biggest festivals and raves that the Israeli Trance scene has to offer, you name it!

David with Marina Maxmilian

To tell a little about the story and the face behind Darwish, I'll share my personal familiarity with him.

Few Years ago I played in a small party where David was the next to dominate the dance-floor (not surprisingly, he was the main event of that party). He didn't know me but he identified me as a young DJ and gave me some tips during my set.

The party we have met

That's David- a big man with a big heart with place for anyone. That's probably the reason why DJ Darwish is so demandfull by the Israeli crowd- he is accessible and heart full!

So, without a further introduction, I'm glad to reveal the face behind DJ Darwish- David Abramov.

David in action

Interview With DJ Darwish

Where did you grew up David?

I was born in Uzbekistan.My family immigrated to Israel on 1978, when I was1.5 years old.

I grew up in Haifa, North Israel, in an area called Shaar Aliya which is a neighborhood of Immigrants from the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

What were your Hobbies as a child?

As a young kid, I loved to listen to music: specially Classic music that my mom was playing on the piano. Along with my mom's music I loved to listen to ABBA & Michael Jackson...

What music do you like to hear today?

Soul, Reggae, tribal music, sounds and vibes and it influence me till these days. While driving, you'll probably find me listen to talkshows. If my kids in the car so the chances for Trance goes higher.

What was your first acquaintance with the trance?

As a teenager, ~16 years old, My friends and I heard about trance parties or what was called back then- Wood parties.

There wern't any social networks, all communications was word to mouth...

People needed to hitch a ride and seek the actual location of the party by walking in the wood. Hopefully the police weren't ahead of you...

How come that you started to play?

So, one time we went back from a party to a friend's home and we just couldn't sit as we were still overwhelmed from the party. There was a Mixer there and I decided to take over the musical journey and it seems like I did something good out there. My experience from playing the piano along with other instrumental tools helped me and it looked like I had good technique in my hands by natural.

Did you know that you'll ended dedicated your life to music on that moment?

Absolutely no!

Moreover, I produced a lot of parties but didn't thought to play myself and brought other DJ's to play.

It was only years later, when I had a personal crush in life, that I decided to work and leave from being a producer and a DJ...

What is the origin of the name Darwish?

Darwish refers to an Islam person, mostly Sufi, which is a mystic stream who put the love and truly intent in creation (more than the religious). It feels the right nickname for me.

So, you play for 28 years now... what about writing your own music?


These days I am working on my first album: 2 tracks already released, 4 tracks finished and a few more are in process.

Why now?

The truth is that I find playing abroad fascinates me and in order to do so I must present my own music.

The advanced technical tools today challenges me and it's fun to get the most out of it.

What inspiring you when producing the album?

Classic music, desert vibes, telling a unique story that consists my whole 28 years experience in it.

But actually, you started your career as a producer... What fills you the most: DJing or producing?

Playing is always fun but producing is something bigger than that.

Producing Desert Adventure, which is a 2 days party hosting 3000 guest, and provide the crowd such a great experience while keep their safety - that's a greater feeling than playing.

Desert Adventure #14 - 2017 - Can you find me? Can you find yourself?

Desert Adventure #14 - 2017 - Official after movie

Alright, that surprised me, but actually, I can connect to this easily... Making the annual FestiRemler is filling me much more than a DJ set :)

What do you think about the Trance scene in Israel- past-present-future?

A LOT changed...

Nowadays, technology helps producers to spread the word about their parties easily and communications between producers-artists-crowd is easier, which help the scene to express itself anywhere, and doing it fast. This will grow further but it also comes with the mainstream minuses...

I hope that soon, we can achieve a breakthrough in regulation in Israel and produce a massive festival in top quality.

It is unacceptable that Israel is a leading pioneer of Trance but we don't have a Top-international festival here.

What do you think about combining Techno with Trance?

I remember a combination of Techno and Trance on parties since my first days in the scene...

I think this combination could work.

You can find parties in Israel (The Block for example) that combines trance and techno on the same party just in different rooms...

That said, for some people it is important to keep the Trance clean so it is subjective.

Darwish playing in The Block

Now, let's make a few quick question...

What track you can use knowing it will always do the job?

Whats your favourite Track? Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix)

A DJ you would like to play with?

Honestly, there were times that I played with other dj's but I found that it is hard to play with someone since he mixes in his own way and it doesn't perfectly match to the way I would want it to be.

I am also taking some space and very active on the stage (it is actually one Darwish trademarks)...

That said, Astrix is a very appreciated artist for me and our collaboration might be worth to explore.

Is it a spoiler?

Nooo not at all.... Haha

What is your peak moment as a D.J?

Ozora 2018- Wow.

DJ Darwish set @Ozora 2018

What's the biggest embarrassment that happened to you as a DJ? Well, not long ago my niece convinced to me to play at 'sweet 16' birthday. I came to her home and there were ~50 teenagers there who never heard about me or about Trance at all.

She thought it would be a great idea to introduce the trance to them on her birthday but I found myself playing to myself, alone in the cold :-)

That was embarrassing...

If you were a pop star, what star would you be?

Robert Anthony Plant - Led Zeppelin's singer.

Message to audience:

Just Dance

Thank you very much David- I'll just dance then...


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