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Does all Trance Music Sounds the Same?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

If you'll ask 10 random people about trance music, you'll probably hear: "ohh trance... it all sounds the same". Well, is it true?

Hell no!!!

Trance music is created for patience ears which can actually listen to melodies and connect to a certain rhythm.

This is why I love to play/hear both Trance and Techno music- they both based on a monotonic rhythm merged with different melodies and electronic sounds.

Not everyone has the patience to listen to certain rhythm for a long time, this is why for some people it all sounds the same.

And for those who insists it all sounds the same, let's talk about the different between one track to another:

Would you guess how many sounds we can create these days with electronic software?

You right, an endless amount of different sounds! So endless, that although it is all about monotonic and electronic, we see hundreds of well-known DJ's which have their own style. The sharp-voiced would identify a specific DJ in an instant.

And we didn't even start to breakdown the genres inside trance...

If you think you have the patience- try ME


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