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All about the Line-Up

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

One of the most important key factors when choosing your next party is probably the Line-up.

Who is going to play? How long will they play? What is the time of each DJ? Answering these questions might be Super important when it comes to pick your next festival or a very big party/rave...

Of course, there are several criteria to take into consideration when pick your next party/festival: location, concept, crowd, facilities, sound system, price, art, etc...

In this article we will talk about the Line-Up. And just to make sure we all on the same page- Line-up is simply the timeline of the party (See Ozora 2013 2nd day line-up from left).

1. Eve-night: At most of the festivals the accepted line-up would start in the evening with an interesting show (such Shpongle) and a low BPM (130).

From this point the music will get faster into Psy- Full-On (BPM of ~142) and into a Dark/Hi-tech (BPM of ~145-146).

This music will attract "the people of the night"- those who are going all in on the dance floor under the cover of darkness.

Famous DJs who are identified as a night artists are Ajja, Penta, Dirty Saffi, Earthling and more... who plays a psychedelic dark music.

Check this amazing style with Penta- Computer Technology

2. Dawn-Morning: After a night full of flickering lights, freaky trips and unexplained reality, and just before Ms. Sunshine will say hello, BPM will go down slowly and the music will go back to Psy-Full-On.

"Morning Full-On" is one the most ecstatic feeling you may experience in the party thanks to the sunshine and the fact that the dance floor is kicking on a maximum volume and energy of both "the people of the night" (still there) and "the people of the morning" (who just joining the party).

Yes, there is a turnover of the people on the dance-floor all the time...

In Israel, I see many line-ups composed of a "Morning Full-On" vibes with DJ's like Avalon, Tristan, Burn in Noise, Altruism and more...

Here is an example of a track that fits perfectly to that: Electric Universe - The Prayer (Outsiders Remix)

3. Noon-Sunset:

As the morning turns into noon, you may hear the progressive Psytrance kicking the dance-floor with an uplifting, psychedelic kicks and drums all over the place in a lower BPM (~136-138)!

This hours belongs to "the people of the day" that can't stop moving, jumping, screaming their minds out of their bodys.

These are the best hours for me and as we have here the line-up of that day back in Ozora 2013- you can feel the vibe in this video from Ritmo's set on 14:00:

But what about Goa?

When it comes to Goa music- the repetitive fast kicks with a several merged melodies that turns into one endless symphonic of sounds- we may hear it at night and also at day light.

In many occasions, Goa music has a dedicated dancefloor or a dedicated day during the festival that goes around this genre since once you go in- you can't get out...

One last anecdote

Do you also love the moment when the DJ, that he is the reason for coming to this party, is just get on the stage to connect his equipment and take a look to feel the crowd?

Wowwww, this is one the moments when I start to shudder and electricity flows all over the place!

Check the first minute of Ace Ventura's video from his last set at Psy-fi (2017)- I think you'll get the feeling:


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