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A Trip to Boom Festival

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

How the hell can someone describe what is Boom Festival in words? Honestly, I have no clue, but I'll try...

Being a Boomer is something you must be, Period.

The mix between spirit-nature-music-art makes you feel so unbridled, free, loose, open and attentive that all you can do is just to fall in love with this piece of heaven on earth.

These 8 days of utopia will fill your heart and body and fuel you with lots of energy and attention to be a better friend, a better son, a better father, a better creator... A better person...

I'll try to expand that essence while walk you through the festival from the spirit into the actual tangible things.


As mentioned, Boom Festival is far beyond a trance festival.

Unlike other festivals I visited, the Boom has a higher vibe of community.

There are 12 points of action and the Festival offers much more than incredibly insane dance-floors.

The main stage starts to play only on the 2nd day!

While there is such a madness on the dance-floors, the surroundings feels so calm and peaceful: being around the lake, watch the hills, being amazed by the sky, explore situations from different point of view and wondering about the essence of life.

That contrast between devoting yourself to those Kick-Bass-drum (and whatever sounds and melodies that comes out from the best sound system you have ever heard) along with being so peaceful, acceptable, open minded and vulnerable is what makes Boom festival so unique and special.

The place host tens of thousands of people who just 'giving their best' on the dance floors, leaves their hearts on the sand.

That said, when you seek a short rest you'll find so many pieces of heaven to chill at, nap & refresh your body and mind.

You have everything from everything and it all happens exactly the way it supposed to happen- that's the spirit.

The Dance Temple

If you think that the name speaks for itself- I must tell you ladies and gentlemen, you are right!

This is a fucking temple.

The size, the art, the sound, the people, the vibe, the DJs, the trees around... WOW!

Here is a taste:

I always try to embrace a special moment when I'm experiencing it. This way I can perfectly memorize it and get back to it to learn something or just enjoy it.

From all the parties, raves and festivals I have been at, I sadly remember only few moments from here and there...

Paradoxically, a very sad thing at boom is that while being there you have so many special moments so you can't actually focus on a specific moment. The Boom Festival itself is a whole big moment you want to memorize...

Can you embrace and memorize every moment in a time period of 8 days?!

Art & Location

I think those two should come together since while the Art work is so impressive, it is just a leverage for a beautiful cosmic location which already combines wood, beach sand, lake, sun and a full-moon.

There are many art Exhibits...

The most famous of them is, of course, the big Buddha.

But, there is a Dragon in the lake, a playground for kids, hanging hammocks between the trees on the beach, art galleries and so many small details that turns the world into a whole different story.


No, I'm not talking about the sound- I'm talking about the volume.

The place is HUGE!

There are more than 50,000 people in the Boom Festival.

The art is enormous, the Dance Temple has a size of a football stadium, the distance from the camping area to the Dance Temple is around 20 minutes (walking straight to there- never happens)- everything is so BIG!

Even the food area is endless...


Have we said 50,000 people?

Well, when it comes to your convenience, you'll be surprised to see that it doesn't feels like a 50,000 people festival at all.

The camping areas are dense but, there are many showers and toilet points scattered quite equally so the lines are short.

The drinking water points (each on a shower point + a few more) has a strong steam and the water are cold.

There is a big area without any shadow but from what I saw, most of the crowd is experienced and take care of that independently by creating a shelter from the hot sun.

The food area offers many types of food from all kinds (vegetarian & vegan food) and holds a big area to sit and eat comfortably.

There is a big Super Market with anything you need: from a munch of fruits & vegetables through water and soft drinks into smoking tools, cosmetics and camping equipment...

Long story short- you can come with a bare hands and have anything you need in the Super Market.


The boom is more than just a week of fun,

It is a week of pure mind refresh,

A restart to your body-program,

An update to a better version of yourself.

The only sad thing is this:

Can you embrace and remember every moment from a time period of 8 days?!

This is why I made this set right after the Boom

C U @ Boom 2020 :)

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